14 Jun 2012

Spirit of sportmanship

by Good Idea | Comment

As the “Euro 2012” ignites “football fever”, the ball is officially kicked into motion, spreading the spirit of sportsmanship over the masses. Although its national team didn’t qualify this time, two of Luxembourg’s bordering neighbors compete head-to-head for the Euro 2012 football championship title, making Luxembourg the center of a fan whirlpool – stirring up cheer, great atmosphere and a drive to be sportive!

From football to sophisticated cycle path-networks to bike and walking trails, Luxembourg’s sport facilities drives the public to stay fit and active! Various sport retail stores across the Grand Duchy offer reliable sports equipment/accessories and will gladly guide and advise you to match your personal needs!

Collectively applaud your favorite teams during the Euro 2012 championships, at the following recommended public viewing venues:


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